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About Cortney Kintzer


Cortney Kintzer is a well-rounded photojournalist who has shot almost 300 wedding videos over the past 25 years.  As he says, "photography is the ultimate backstage pass to life."


Cortney has enjoyed a 40+ year journey in TV news. He says every day is a new adventure covering the news in central Iowa for KCCI-TV.

Cortney started his broadcasting career in 1975, in the newsfilm department at WHO-TV, while attending Roosevelt High School. He graduated from Iowa State University in 1981, and eventually became the station's Chief Photographer.

In 1987, he joined the staff of KCCI-TV, and is now the station's Director of Photography. Some highlights include covering:

  • the last three nights of the David Letterman Show

  • the first Stephen Colbert Show 

  • the red carpet at the Grammy Awards four years in a row

  • interviews with Presidents Clinton and Obama in the White House

  • countless nature photo essays


Emmy Award Winner


National Press Photographer's Association -  twice named Regional Cameraman of the Year

Two time winner - Edward R. Murrow awards

Iowa Broadcast News Association

Associated Press

Footage used on various media outlets, including CBS News, NBC News, BBC, Oprah, Inside Edition, MTV and Real TV.

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